When To Seek A Lake County Car Accident Lawyer

When To Seek A Lake County Car Accident LawyerThere really is no question that when there is an automobile accident, someone was driving negligently. It could be a matter of drunken driving, or simply not quite seeing a potential hazard. For whatever reason an accident occurs, though, some form of human error occurred to cause the collision. A car accident can change your life forever, especially if a loved one dies or you are permanently injured as a result. If you have reason to approach the other driver’s insurance for injury compensation, you need a Lake County car accident lawyer as soon as possible to file your claim.

Car Accident Lawyer

Although Indiana is a “no fault” state, traffic accident injuries are not always a cut and dry process. They don’t always happen because another driver was careless. The road could need maintenance, an automobile part may fail, the other driver may have a reaction to a medication or food, or someone may have a medical condition, such as a heart attack. Anything can cause the accident and these types of negligence are considered “third party”. A good Lake County car accident lawyer already knows how to find out who the liable party is and what compensation for which you qualify.

Automobile Insurance Law

In Lake County, all drivers need to carry insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury of passengers. In addition to this, the “no fault” portion of the law requires further coverage and compensates for damages done to both cars and for any medical costs incurred by any person in the accident. The law tries to protect individuals from being sued for cases where there are no serious injuries. For this reason, all insurance companies in Lake County are required to include “no fault” automobile coverage. Your Lake County car accident lawyer understands the law and will be able to help you through the process of claiming any compensation due to you.

Types of Accidents

There are many types of accidents that may qualify as reasons to find a Lake County car accident lawyer. These are:

  • A rear-end collision involves another car hitting the other from behind and can cause severe injury to the spine, even at low speeds.
  • A head-on collision happens when both cars face each other. This can cause very serious issues including death.
  • A sideswipe collision. If one car veers out of its lane, it may scrape the other car. Although it may seem this type of accident isn’t serious, it can send the other vehicle spinning out of control, possibly causing it to hit other cars head-on, or even flip it. The more cars that are involved in the accident, the more serious the injuries become and there is a definite possibility of death.
  • A pedestrian or bicycle accident. A driver may not see a pedestrian or bicyclist and strike the other person causing serious injury or death.

Whatever has happened, if you have sustained a serious injury through a car collision or any accident related to a vehicle, it is time for you to find a Lake County car accident lawyer. Don’t wait very long. The sooner you meet with a lawyer, the quicker you will get the compensation you need for your medical costs.

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