Summer Is Approaching! You’ve Lined Up: Parties, Picnics, Receptions…And A Long Island DUI Attorney?

Yes, you read that right. While you are creating your summer list of all the fun things you will be doing this upcoming swimsuit and tanning season, make sure you don’t forget to find a competent Long Island DUI attorney before you’re the start your summer escapades.

WHY? Of course no one wants to think about legalities and tickets and the “what if something goes wrong” scenarios, but it is in your best interest to have a seasoned, dependable Long Island DUI attorney waiting in the wings just in case you need him or her. Remember the old adage: It’s better to have one and not need one, instead of needing one and not having one.

D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence) is a very common crime that can happen to anyone: from the budding college student to the wealthy C.E.O. of a large company. This kind of action does not discriminate. And it is easy to get into a situation where you are breaking the law because you have drunk a bit too much at a party or get together. Long Island’s legal standard of guilt of a D.U.I. is a blood alcohol level of .08 percent.

You don’t think of how much you could lose while you’re, say, at a family get-together around the pool. Summertime drinks are sprinkled with different concoctions of alcohol and fruit. The sun is beautiful. You’ve tasted the different platters of food. And you feel great. When the time comes to leave, you don’t realize you had just one too many cocktails until a police officer tests your breath at a checkpoint or sobriety stop. What happens next could change your life forever.

In Long Island, a D.U.I. is a serious offense. It is a criminal charge that could revoke your license, incur fines, surcharges, assessments, mandatory drinking and driving lessons, not to mention smudge your driving record and cause higher insurance rates. You need a licensed Long Island DUI attorney to assist you through the frightening phases of this offense, whether it is your first or third offense.

Experienced Long Island DUI attorneys know what questions to ask, and what policies need to be followed. If you are facing a D.U.I. felony, you need a Long Island DUI attorney that specializes in defending that type of case.

So before packing the sunscreen, loading the car with camping equipment, and taking that first sip of Long Island Iced Tea this season, make sure you’ve done your research and found a competent, experienced Long Island DUI attorney you can count on if the unexpected occurs. It’s one less thing you have to worry about, and more time for you to enjoy your summer with your friends and family. Remember to drive safe always, but also remember how important it is to have the help you need at the ready.

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