Research to Find the Best Denver Criminal Defense Attorney for You

If you have been arrested and/or are facing criminal charges, now is the best time to hire a Denver criminal defense lawyer. By hiring a professional as you face this situation may prove the difference of having all charges dropped or going to jail. It depends on you, but if you face anything from juvenile crimes, domestic violence, weapons or drug trafficking, or any other serious offense, you really need a criminal lawyer to help you.


When you are thinking about finding a good Denver criminal defense attorney, make a candidate list. Browse the internet or pick up a telephone and write down names and numbers. It is best to pick up the phone and directly contact the law office. Some things to think about include:

  • Is the lawyer close by or will you need to travel outside of your area significantly? If you are on probation or incarcerated, this may cause a problem. In addition, if your license was revoked, you need to find an office nearby to ease the issue of travel.
  • Do you have a language barrier? You will want to find a Denver criminal defense attorney who is able to communicate with you, whether he or she speaks your language or has an interpreter available. If there are no reasonable choices in your area, perhaps you have a friend or family member who is able to help you connect with a lawyer and find any agencies in the area that may provide interpretation services.

Once you have determined a few reasonable choices, make phone calls to firms, gathering specific details that meet the needs you have listed.

What to ask the Lawyer

A few of the important questions you should ask your potential Denver criminal defense attorney are:

  • In what exact area in criminal defense does this attorney specialize?
  • How many years has this attorney practiced law in this specialization? In general? What types of cases does he or she represent most often?
  • How many cases has the attorney represented and of these, how many had positive outcomes? How often did these cases go to trial?

A Final Decision

After you have conducted a short phone interview and gathered a few references, take the time to call these people. This is a time when you need to take action if you want to find the best criminal defense attorney for your particular situation. These references will prove whether or not he or she has successfully conducted court cases similar to yours. The staff should treat you with respect and the attorney must be completely knowledgeable of Colorado state law. In addition, the lawyer you hire needs to have a fair amount of federal criminal system experience.

Being confident in the Denver criminal defense attorney you hire is imperative to a good experience. You will be a team that goes through this entire process. With proper research and quick action, you can hire the right attorney to bring about the most positive outcome, whether charges are dropped, you pay a fine, or you spend time in jail or prison for a crime.

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