Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

Hiring a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can be beneficial for many reasons. First, the fees paid to the lawyer ensure he/she is going to put the victim’s best interests ahead of the ones who created the injury and/or damage.

Insurance companies are reluctant to provide for the victim, it seems, because of financial reasons. For example, medical bills are astronomical, and even though it would be the honest and ethical next step to care for the victim, the cost is more than the company’s willing to pay. The sooner the victim signs off the injury and accident, the less the insurance companies have to pay. That’s what’s in the insurance companies best interest and the victim is often stuck with mounting medical bills.

The unethical part of hiring a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, is that often they make victims feel they have hit the jackpot, and will be well compensated the rest of their lives. Lawyers advertising that they will be able to get a big check supports the notion that every case pays big. This may create the purposeful accident. Would be victims go in search of ways to be injured with the thought of a huge payday coming their way.

How does one who has been injured make the choice of whether the injury is severe enough to warrant getting a lawyer? What is the loss to the victim? Will there be lost days from work, leading to lost wages. Will medical bills begin to mount higher and higher? How severe is the injury and does it matter whether it is physical or psychological? What about the amount of property damage?

I believe that when severe injury to health and/or property through no fault of my own occurs, this would warrant consulting a personal injury lawyer. Las Vegas personal injury attorneys provide a necessary service in protecting victims of severe injuries in all forms.

To find a good personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, be sure to check their credentials. Have they handled cases of personal injuries and property damage before? How quickly do they return phone calls? Ask for references. Maybe previous clients would be willing to refer them and describe the service they received.

Certainly the most important question would be concerning their fees. What does a Las Vegas personal injury attorney receive in compensation for their services? What percentage would be appropriate for the work they do? And what will they require if the case is lost, and no compensation is awarded? What are the expectations of the lawyer with that outcome? Lastly, ask the lawyer if his fees cover just his office, or are court costs included, and what other fees could possibly be incurred.

A Las Vegas personal injury attorney would be my first call when severe injuries and property occurred with me or my family. I would not hesitate.

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