File Your Claim Now With A Los Angeles Social Security Attorney

You know you need a Los Angeles Social Security attorney when you are unable to work, or you have been denied employment because you have physical or mental disabilities and need to access your monthly payments before you are of retirement age. A lawyer who specializes in Social Security laws will take you through the entire claims process. Often, a social security lawyer actually works a majority of his or her time with people who were denied benefits. Despite this, the lawyer will be able to advise you as you apply for disability benefits.

One of the stipulations for Social Security cases is that you have to show “without a reasonable doubt” that your disability is so acute that you are unable to work. Of the different types of law processes, this is one of the most difficult. Your Los Angeles Social Security attorney has been through this before, and it is wise to find out how many successful cases he or she has counseled over the years.

File Your Claim Now With A Los Angeles Social Security AttorneyTo begin with, the Social Security Administration requires that a comprehensive report be made of your job duties and medical history. With this information, the judge will determine if you are truly unable to continue working. The Las Vegas Social Security attorney knows exactly which documents and proof are needed to help bring about the best outcome for your disability claim.

The clients your lawyer represents usually feel that they meet the Social Security Administration’s expectations, but were missing proof or other issues occurred that led to their case being denied. When he or she argues the case, proof of physical or mental disability will be presented before the court. One example might be that a doctor or psychologist will be brought in to testify for you. If you were a nurse and started having trouble administering medications to the correct patients, this may be a sign of early dementia and would be one piece of evidence a doctor would use to prove you cannot work.

You should not despair if the judge turns down your claim. Your Los Angeles Social Security Attorney will share further options with you. The next step in the process is to appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council. This group will go over the claim and what the judge decided. While this review takes place, you and your lawyer are not allowed in the room.

If, for any reason, your appeal is denied, the Los Angeles Social Security Attorney will continue to represent you. At this time, he or she is able to ask for the United States District Court to review the case, including your disability claim and what the Social Security Administration decided. This is your last opportunity because if the United States District Court denies your claim, it is only in highly rare circumstances that an attorney will file a motion with the United States Supreme Court.

When you find yourself in need of accessing your Social Security benefits due to mental or physical inability to work, it may be time to find a Los Angeles Social Security Attorney. It is a long process that requires patience and meticulous attention to detail. Your attorney will help you throughout the process, both with the application and the steps required to present your claim to the court.

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