Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Are Protecting Your Assets To The Full Extent Of The Law

Bankruptcy is usually a difficult process that may lead to anxiety and depression, especially when filing alone without legal guidance. Hiring a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer can help ease the burden. When looking for a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, there are five signs to keep into consideration when selecting the perfect lawyer for your situation.

Be honest about what your financial status is. By being an open book, the attorney can determine whether or not your books need assistance. The sooner the problem is addressed the quicker your attorney can come up with a solution for you and your family. This can include filing for bankruptcy or establishing a debt management plan.

Make bankruptcy your last choice. If a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer offers a free debt analysis, take it. Before making the decision to throw in the towel on your finances, your attorney should give you other options. This should include debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt counseling, coaching, and then finally as a last resort, bankruptcy. Great bankruptcy attorneys can offer several solutions before mentioning the “B” word. If your attorney never brings these solutions to the table, perhaps it is time to head out of the door and search for another firm.

Make sure the initial consult is free. When you walk through the doors of your future Chicago bankruptcy lawyer’s office, be absolutely certain that the consultation is free. If there is a fee, this means that the attorney is not looking out for your best interest and only seeks what you can pay him. Compassion is the key. When a bankruptcy attorney takes on this profession, his satisfaction should come from lightening your financial load. Find an attorney who’s willing to make your life better, simply by doing his job.

Determine if your lawyer is capable of handling your case. Ask about past cases. Find out his track record before committing to any Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. Is he certified to handle business and consumer bankruptcy, as well as creditors’ rights law? Is he aware of all amendments to the Bankruptcy Rules and Forms? You want to make sure that your attorney is protecting your assets to the full extent of the law.

Finally, cost should be a factor. Many lawyers attempt to market low prices in order to bring in clients, and some of those times, you get what you pay for: Be it lack of time, or lack of experience. Make sure your Chicago bankruptcy lawyer offers a fair price based on the current rates in the area involving typical consumer debt. Be sure that your attorney discloses all filing fees and offers full details of court costs and any extra fees.

Stick to these simple guidelines, and you will have confidence in your Chicago bankruptcy lawyer and his abilities.

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