4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Daytona Beach DUI Attorney


After a DUI arrest, it can be increasingly difficult to see a bright future for yourself. With one mistake, it feels like your life is circling the drain. A Daytona Beach DUI attorney can aid you in processing these feelings and provides you with the best chance to avoid a serious penalty.

Don’t delay following your arrest, contact an attorney immediately. DUIs are considered to be serious offenses, especially if another driver sustained injury. Your whole livelihood could be at stake, not to mention your job, your license and your automotive insurance. Here are four reasons why retaining a highly qualified Daytona Beach DUI attorney is an absolute must.

1. Their specific skill set

A common mistake made by those arrested for DUI is hiring a general lawyer or a lawyer with a different skill set than the one they need. Be sure to hire a Daytona Beach DUI attorney who concentrates specifically on DUI cases. You are in need of an attorney who has the necessary expertise in areas such as traffic law and those governing the usage of automobiles.

2. Your charges may be dismissed

There are many factors that can lead to charges being dropped or a complete dismissal of your case. The arresting officer may have not used the proper protocols during your arrest. The equipment used by the police department to get a BAC reading over the legal limit could be improperly calibrated and maintained. If a blood test was administered wrongly or mishandled at the lab, this is also important for your Daytona Beach DUI attorney to know.

3. The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe

Depending on the circumstances of your specific DUI arrest, you could be facing jail time. This is especially true in instances where harm is caused to other drivers or passengers. You will need an attorney in your corner to ensure that you receive the most lenient sentence available to you in a court of law.

For other instances of DUI, even if you avoid a prison sentence, it will remain on your permanent record. This could affect your ability to keep a job or find a new one, in addition to the increase in car insurance. A DUI conviction also places you on the radar of police officers, giving them probable cause to pull you over on a consistent basis.

4. Premium case assessment

Your Daytona Beach DUI attorney is able to objectively analyze your case and decide what your best course of action is. If you have a real chance of winning, they will suggest that you go to trial and use the information at their disposal to fight on your behalf.

In cases where the evidence against you is overwhelming, they can help you to plea bargain and campaign for a reduced punishment. Negotiating for yourself may seem like the way to go, but will very likely to a much harsher punishment than you would have received with the help of a Daytona Beach DUI attorney.

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