3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Even worse, they can happen to you and be the direct result of another driver’s negligent behavior. When these types of accidents occur, you need to retain the services of a top Fresno car accident lawyer. There are certain questions that you should be asking of any lawyer that you end up hiring. Each attorney has their own distinct way of doing things and their own style of handling cases, so don’t be hesitant to ask the right questions, including:

1. What level of care do you offer?

When you begin your search for a Fresno car accident lawyer, the first question you should be asking is whether they will have offer you the proper care. Do they truly care about their craft? Are they going to give your case the attention it needs? Do they have a specific plan?

Many attorneys abandon their clients after the initial consultation, passing the case down the trough to lesser legal representatives without the same level of experience. Others make themselves extremely hard to contact or take lengthy periods of time returning phone calls and e-mails. You want a Fresno car accident lawyer who is going to make you feel at ease and operates with your best interests in mind.

2. Are auto accidents your area of expertise?

Finding out if car accidents are your Fresno car accident lawyer’s main area of expertise is crucial to your chances of winning your case. You need an attorney who is uniquely suited to represent you during an auto accident related trial. Do they regularly handle cases like yours? What methods will you use to get the best results for me?

The optimal Fresno car accident lawyer has a specific plan in place for your case, a plan that they have used in the past to great success. Unless the lawyer you choose has a proven method, it is not recommended that you hire them. You do not want your important case to end up lost in the shuffle. Be sure that your lawyer has the necessary knowledge pertaining to your specific issue.

3. What is your rate structure?

It is crucial to map out exactly what you will pay before putting anything in writing. Once your name is on the dotted line, unscrupulous attorneys can charge all sorts of hidden fees and tack on frivolous expenses. Am I going to be charged up front or do I only pay if I win? Are your rates hourly or a flat fee?

Be sure to ask these questions before choosing your Fresno car accident lawyer. A lawyer who will fudge the facts and attempt to charge extra is not someone who you want representing you in a case of this magnitude. Choose an lawyer who is upfront, honest and forthcoming about their rates.

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